New Here…
Tonia Addison-Hall

Welcome, Tonia! Hope you enjoy Medium.

Truth be told, it’ll be one year since I joined and I’ve just recently gotten my settings tailored where I want them. If content you don’t appreciate finds its way in your feed, don’t hesitate blocking writers (it really is the only way to tip the scales). Likewise, you may have to actively seek writers you follow. It’s the one improvement we keep hoping for: opening to find new stories by people we like lined up nice and neat. Unfortunately the algorithm doesn’t make it that easy.

Coincidentally, I just abandoned my Twitter account. The ads and “noise” just made it less and less enjoyable. If Medium ever goes under, I’ll likely call it quits on social media altogether. (LinkedIn doesn’t count since it’s as much fun as an insurance policy.)

Welp — happy reading to you!