The 12 things I wish my mama told me growing up
Jessica Semaan

I didn’t identify it until I heard of research on Highly Sensitive Persons, but I am a highly sensitive person. Always have been. Always will be. And I’m so fucking sick of feeling bad about it.

My earliest memory in this area is my mother saying to me, in the kitchen, when I was probably 9, “You’re too sensitive”.

I’m sure she meant it as a way for me to try to grow thicker skin. But it failed.

So now, after I two years ago found a new hard-core therapist and am now separated from my husband, I’m coming to appreciate and indeed LOVE (well, at least LIKE) the Me I am. I’m working to embrace and accept my sensitiveness. It is hard to live with, but it has benefits. And I’m trying to recognize my mother’s statement as just lack of parenting knowledge, but with a good motivation at its core.

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