It’s Done

You have to be right with yourself, or find a way to get right with yourself, or else the





Will eat you alive.

Pre-divorce trauma, during-divorce trauma, post-divorce trauma. A triumvirate.

It’s not as traumatic as, say, being killed, or losing a leg, or your child dying, or barely surviving war/famine/destruction.

But it is a trauma of sorts. The toppling of a tree with 20 rings.

No matter what your now-ex-spouse might have said to you in the elevator after the final hearing, you have to keep going and raise yourself up and promise to work on your issues and, above all, remember that you were created noble.

(And so was he.)

And continue to put one foot in front of the other, hour by hour, day by day.

Thanks, God, for the massive test. I certainly have grown, as was your intention. Still have so much growing to do. But we will do it together.

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