Indian Traffic Laws that you never knew about!

Indian roads are filled with many dangers and what leads to these dangers is the non-adherence to traffic laws that have been mentioned in our nation’s law books. Everyone knows, about common rules such as stopping at the red light, wearing seat belts and to stay within the speed limits. But, that there are hundreds of other laws, that we folks are unaware of. And even if you are a student at one of the top law colleges in Delhi NCR, you might have missed out on some of the lesser known laws. So, here we present some such laws.

· In case you get stuck in the parking lot, just because someone else has parked the vehicle in front of your exit route, you are within rights to call the cops and upon intervention the other driver would be fined up to Rs. 100 for your inconvenience.

· This law is specially applicable if you are driving in Kolkata or Chennai. In these cities, the driver is accountable for the first aid provided to the passenger in case of an accident. On failing to provide the passenger with the first aid, the driver in question could serve a jail term of 3 months or levied a fine of Rs. 500.

· Even the best law colleges in Delhi NCR might have overlooked this law existing in their backyards. Smoking inside the car is prohibited within the Delhi NCR and could attract a fine worth Rs. 100 for the driver.

· Not many would know that parking a car in front of a public utility (such as bus stops) is considered against the law in Kolkata. This could lead to a fine of Rs. 100.

· In Chennai, you could land in trouble if you borrow a friend’s car and do not tell him where you are going. During cross examination if the traffic authorities find the friend unaware of your whereabouts you may be fined Rs. 500 or may have to serve 3 months in jail.

· As per the traffic rules in Mumbai, installing a TV or any type of video device on the dashboard of your vehicle is considered a punishable offense, against which a fine of Rs. 100 could be slapped on the driver.