Flexing New Muscles

For a lot of everyday people, when they think of a circuit board, they are not going to imagine a flexible PCB, and much less recognize the name that they have. However, these are an awesome piece of technology that offer a lot of benefits that traditional circuit boards don’t so here is a short explanation of what PCB flexible is, why they are awesome, and a little bit about what they are used for.

Circuit Boards

Most people have at least seen a circuit board, if not worked with them a little bit. If you don’t know what they are, remember the little green boards that you find in a computer? These are types of circuit boards. There are a lot of different types that do a lot of different things, but that image is enough to get started. A PCB stands for printed circuit board, which is the kind everyone uses now. The flexible part of PCB flexible means just about exactly what you think it would. It is a flexible version that can bend to either fit into different shape or work with moving parts. They are often a little bit hard or more expensive to make, so they won’t be used for everything, but they are great for machines that need the flex that they offer.

Why Use These?

Like already mentioned their main benefit is the ability to flex and bend so as not to break. They are also easier to fit into different spaces, and connect two ends that are at weird angles. They tend to be more water proof and all around durable, so while they offer less options, they have a lot of redeeming qualities.

What Are They Used For?

For many people, understanding how great the flexible PCBiswon’t be easy until they know what the boards are used for. For example, you probably wouldn’t have a really nice smart phone without the flexible boards. Flexible circuit boards make the small and sleek smart phones that everyone uses possible. They are also usedin larger computers, like the desktops or laptops that nearly everyone has at home and work. Clocks, TVs, and several other electronics all require flexible circuit boards, which helps people understand how important and awesome they really are.

Flexing New Knowledge

Hopefully you found the info on PCB flexible boards interesting and useful. They really are amazing little boards that allow innovation and electronics to progress further and further. Give some love to your flexible PCB today.