The Extravagant Punjabi Weddings

Punjabis are known for their culture and their larger than life attitude. That is the reason, Punjabi weddings are a treat to watch and attend. From functions to clothes everything is done in flamboyancy. Punjabi weddings are like a big carnival that exhibits splendid glamour. Like any other Indian community, even Punjabis are known for their rituals and traditions in marriages.

Not only Punjabis but every other community, families like to marry their son and daughters in their own community because it’s easy to perform all rituals and is also good for future understanding between the families as well. However, times have changed and so is the attitude of parents and elders in the family. Now what is more important is that a girl should like the boy and have compatibility to lead their life together because marriages are a lifetime affair. Therefore, families need to be very cautious before selecting a prospective groom or bride for their children. Today there are hundreds of Bicholia services Punjabi where you can find a right partner for your child. These services help in finding a right match in the same community.

Flamboyant Punjabi weddings

Punjabi likes to arrange marriages in a most flashy manner that are loud and that exhibits their traditions and cultures in elaborate manner. It is the parents who make all the arrangements to make this gala remember able one. There are many rituals that are taken place before, during and after the wedding.

The wedding celebrations usually start with Akhand Path, which is offering prayers to god and asking for his blessings to ensure everything is performed without and obstacles. The next ceremony is usually Roka, in which both the families accept the bride and groom as part of their families. During this ceremony, both boy and girl are gifted with cash and other gifts. After Roka, the courtship period commences in which the boy and girl start to know each other better. Then on the last days of marriage, functions like engagement take place where boy and girl exchange rings in front of family and relatives. Nowadays with the scarcity of time, even Shagan and Chunni chadana are celebrated on the same day.

Just before the wedding day, Mehndi is celebrated where henna is applied on the palm of the bride. This ceremony is celebrated with food, music and drinks. Lastly on the day of marriage, groom comes to take bride with all the traditions and culture to make her part of their family.

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