A Primer to Turnover Celebrations for the Royal Dominion of PISO

Welcome to the Coronation.

We thank you for your response to our invitation and are absolutely honoured to have you present on this important day. Please read further to familiarize yourself with this year’s Coronation celebrations in order to understand the intricacies behind this joyous occasion.


Remember the dress code — the Coronation is an occasion whose formality exceeds that of most campus events. It is likely that you have already been debriefed about the dress code. However, if you do need a gentle reminder:

Gentlemen are to wear a necktie or a bowtie, and a full suit. Tuxedos are also appropriate, as long as it is a full suit. Appropriate formal national costume, such as a Barong, is also permitted. Inappropriate or informal national costumes, such as the loin cloth, roman toga, or the guayabera, are not permitted.

Ladies are to wear a floor-length evening gown. Appropriate formal national costumes, such as a formal kimono or qipao, or an appropriate floor-length wearing of the sari, are permitted. Short dresses are highly discouraged, but they may be accepted as a last resort. If worn at all, short dresses that do not fall to the floor should be of the utmost formality in design and construction.

If you are a member of the Cabinet, a sash is to be worn on the outside of your dress, if female, or the outside of your suit, if male.

The Beginning of the Rites

At 5:00 pm on the day of the Rites, proceed to the second floor of Alumni hall, room 206, to check in. You will be then be escorted to room 201, where the Rites will take place. You will be greeted by porters at the door. Please proceed to the inside of the Coronation hall. Note that there will be assigned seating for Cabinet at the front.

Kindly take this time to meet and greet the other guests and PISO members. A Sergeant will be there to answer any queries and to keep order inside the Coronation hall as the Cabinet prepares for its entrance and as the Royal family is vested in their regalia.

The Cabinet’s Entrance

When the time comes, the Sergeant will be instructed to seat everyone. Handel’s Coronation Anthem The King Shall Rejoice will play, and the Cabinet will process into the room. Cabinet members will be wearing sashes to indicate their distinguished positions.

IMPORTANT: As the Cabinet enters, the traditional way to greet them in passing is to bow, if you are male, or curtsey if female. While you might want to bow to each and every single Cabinet member as they pass, it will be difficult and unseemly to bow more than ten times in rapid succession. Simply bow or curtsey as the first member passes and regain your posture. Bow or curtsey once more as the last member passes.

The Royal Entrance

The music will cease and Cabinet will sit down. At this point, sit down as well and continue speaking amongst yourselves — the royals are busy putting on their long robes. The music will open again with the opening bars of Handel’s Coronation Anthem My Heart is Inditing. This signifies that the Sovereign Prince and Princess are prepared for their entrance.

As the doors open, remember that this is the last day the Prince and Princess will be reigning as the sovereign authorities of PISO. Greet them with a BOW or CURTSEY and continue standing.

The Royal Entrance II

The Hereditary Prince and Princess will enter next. The opening bars of Handel’s most famous Coronation Anthem Zadok the Priest will play. Stand up as soon as the Sovereign Prince and Princess stand up. The doors will open and their successors will enter the chamber.

Again, do not forget to BOW or CURTSEY as the successors pass you.

The Rites

The Rites will not last very long. It consists of an oath taking rite, various acclamations, a Coronation rite, speeches honoring the work of the retiring sovereigns, and speeches congratulating the new sovereigns.

You will hear the styles of Royal Highness and Majesty thrown around. The style Royal Highness is applied to any member of the Royal Family, while the style of Majesty applies only to the SOVEREIGN Prince and Princess. Manatsu and April are styled as Royal Highnesses until they are crowned, at which point they assume the style of Majesty. Conversely, Kendric and Rebecca are Majesties until the Coronation, after which they will revert to the lesser style of Royal Highness.

The Banquet

The porters are instructed to keep all guests inside the Coronation hall until the dinner, and not to admit guests to the dinner who did not pay their respects at the Coronation ceremony (as this is considered crass).

Kindly wait until all the Sovereigns and Cabinet members have left the chamber. At a certain point, porters will allow guests into the dining hall. Guests must sit down at their assigned spot — placards with their name and title will be evident on the dining tables. Do not attempt to switch placards in order to obtain another space.

The Cabinet will then be entering into the chamber. As they enter, a Herald will announce their names and titles.

The former and newly crowned Princes and Princesses (the Royal Household) will be entering last to the music of Handel’s Largo from Xerxes. As they process inside, kindly stand. Remember to bow or curtsey to them. Do not sit until they have seated themselves.

The Royal Household will open the dinner, and the Royal Household and Cabinet may proceed to take food from the banquet table. Afterwards, the PISO dancers may take food, after which everyone else may take food. Do not overindulge in food, as this is generally frowned upon and viewed as crass and inconsiderate. There is plenty of food to go around, so kindly only take what you need each time.

The Ball

Kindly enter the Ball at your discretion. You may engage in casual conversation with other attendees, but you may not start dancing until after the Ball has officially commenced.

Please observe proper etiquette while at the Ball.

  1. Always recognize the lady or gentleman, the Cabinet members, or the Sovereigns with becoming politeness: a slight bow or curtsy is sufficient.
  2. Due to the joyous nature of this event, lively repartee amoungst attendees is encouraged. Boisterous laughter and other obnoxious behaviour, however, is contrary to the rules of etiquette, as this is considered crass and inconsiderate.
  3. Dancing is subject to much abuse by the thoughtless acquirement of bad habits, i.e. the Ballroom is NOT for the purpose of making love.
  4. Should you receive a polite refusal from a lady and then see her dancing with another gentleman, do not exhibit any symptoms of dissatisfaction. Should this happen, the gentleman is justified in never afterward repeating the request.
  5. Great care should be taken by a lady in refusing to dance with a gentleman. After refusing, she should not accept another invitation for the same dance.
  6. If a gentleman wishes to dance with a lady with whom he is not acquainted, politely ask a Cabinet member for an introduction. If a gentleman, without proper introduction, should ask a lady with whom he is not acquainted to dance or promenade, the lady should politely refuse.
  7. An introduction in a public ball room must be understood by the gentleman to be for that evening only, after which the acquaintanceship ceases, unless the lady chooses to recognise it at any further time or place.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Ball, the Waltz is often used. For more information on how to waltz, you may watch the video below for reference.

How to Do the Waltz Box Step

Post-Coronation Festivities

The former Royal Residence (El Palacio Real on top of Atmalogy across from Towers) will host a “late-night reception” with “refreshments” at around 11:30 pm. We advise that you not wear floor-length evening gowns or suits.

Thank you once again for your response to our invitation. PISO wishes you well in the coming days and hopes to see you at the Coronation on Saturday evening.

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