Are we near the bottom yet?

Technically speaking, Bitcoin has no bottom. It has no earnings, not enough traction and is certainly not ready for worldwide adoption (due to scalability issues, regulations and more). So what’s stopping bitcoin from going to 0?

Miners? Bitcoin, at least for now, can be…

What’s going on in the market now?

While the world’s largest cryptocurrency had always shown the tendencies of rallying during the year-end, it recently took a dive to its year-low of 3500 just last month. This had led Bitcoin to seeing its worst monthly decline in seven years in terms…

Hello again everybody, let’s start by taking a quick look at bitcoin — which fell more than 6% to below 8k in just one day!

Here are some reasons for the decline.

1. A NORMAL CORRECTION. Yes, Bitcoin’s price has shot up an incredible 25% from just two weeks and…

Hello again everybody:) Welcome back to the daily blog.

Bitcoin’s price finally broke through the 7.5k mark after consolidating around the 7.2–7.4 levels, after the initial $600 jump a week ago.

Although we are seeing a correction among the rest of the cryptomarket (with the ‘selected coins’ down about 6%…

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