Choudhry Muzaffar Currently Works as a Consultant at the Uptown Group

Choudhry Muzaffar has more than 15 years of experience as a real estate investment sales professional. Since February 2016, he is serving The Uptown Group.

The Uptown Group:

The Uptown Group (UPT) is a real estate advisory firm established in 2015 in Chicago. UPT is committed to bringing the best property talent within local and international markets. Their goal is to acquire deep local intelligence to adapt best practices to create solutions for the client’s unique challenges.

Choudhry Muzaffar and his project works:

Choudhry Muzaffar is responsible for project management, he took over eight failing residential projects located within the North Center, Southport Corridor, and Glenview neighborhoods, and initially reviewed project budgets, current status of work completed, liens on title, and contractor contracts. He created new project budgets with revised cost estimates, reviewed architectural drawings, and suggested value-engineering scenarios to stay within project budgets.

He engaged and negotiated contracts with general and sub-contractors through RFP process with the responsibility of developing scope of work, reviewing, and negotiating bids to final contract. Choudhry Muzaffar streamlined payment systems and material procurement for contractors thereby achieving competitive pricing. He worked with local planning authorities to resolve permit-related issues pertaining to code violations and construction-related inspections. He prepared detailed cost estimates for each project, itemizing structural work, MEP, finish work, costs of labor for each stage which resulted in a stronger negotiation position with GC/sub contractor communities. He also found acceptable solutions in terms of cost and time to numerous change order request negotiating with contractors.

Choudhry Muzaffar was responsible for valuating and developing a number of chancery facilities, chief mission residence within various locations across the Middle East and south Asia. He even engaged to conduct a developer search for a leading primary/high school operator within the Gulf Countries seeking a developer to provide a new facility in exchange for a long-term lease interest.