Shopping experience in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is popularly known as Sun City due to its sunny weather and blue painted walls of houses. It is settled in the sand dunes and is known for its gorgeous Desert Forts. There are many marketplaces that scattered in the city from where you can buy many things especially the handicrafts which can be seen in fabrics and many other materials which still carry the mark of Rajasthan’s craftsmanship which can be found nowhere in the world. It is home to many talented and skilled craftsmen. The city offers you many options from where you can buy variety of choices and best collection in the streets of Jodhpur. Experience the essence of Jodhpur Market while you’re on your Rajasthan Tour

The craftsmen area includes the textile dyers, metal engravers and die-makers. When in Jodhpur you should definitely try buying Jodhpuri suit which gives royal identity to the dressing. The main arena is Naisadak which is the shopping hub of the city as there are hundreds of craftsmen to display their art through bandhani fabrics, footwear, mojaries or jutis. The bandhini and handcrafted embroidery are the famous and best creations done on the sarees, dupatta, dress materials and many others done with fine colors with a tie and dye process and reflect the unique and intricate styleof the craftsmanship.

The other famous market of Jodhpur is Clock Tower Market which is famous for its spices especially the Mathaniyan’s red chillies which are super spicy and colorful. If you want to try out mojaries or jutis which are the lovely pairs of shoes brilliantly decorated with sequins, mirror and thread work, try out the renowned shops of this market and you will leave with one of the best pair of ethnic footwear. Apart from that you can also buy artificial jewelry which reflects bohemian style and charm of Rajasthan in every bit if it. This marketplace is famous among women tourists.

Sojati Gate is one of the best shopping places in Jodhpur where you can buy handicrafts, jewelry, fabrics and bandhini fabrics. The other famous market is Tripolia Bazar where you can buy handicrafts, jewelry and bangles.

There are plenty of things and opportunities to buy in Jodhpur which will give you nice shopping experience. Enjoy the Shopping experience in Jodhpur under the Rajasthan holiday packages booked under the best tour operator of Rajasthan and can be customized with some other places according to your interest.

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