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4 min readMar 1, 2023


Metaverse Players | Introducing The Butcher’s Block

Butcher’s Block

OBJECTIVE: Fulfill the ambitious vision provided by the legendary Butcher Billy, and allow our community the opportunity to personalize and customize their MVPs in a variety of aesthetic ways.



— MVP “personalization” is now Live!

— MVP “anytime” Re-roll is now Live!

— Cost to use the Butcher’s Block = 1 RSOP Chip

— Gamification & Incentives below

Login to the Butcher’s Block Personalization Studio, here:


This is a great moment for the Metaverse Players collection, and we are delighted to share the latest web3 innovation unlocking The Butcher’s Block Personalization Studio.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore the 100s of new additional traits that the legendary Butcher Billy designed to fully appreciate your MVP. Each MVP offers you the ability to unlock dozens of new variations so you can customize your MVP NFTs with unseen never-before minted trait variations.

Step into the Players Lounge and login to the new Butcher’s Block Personalization Studio. Customize your MVP NFT and unlock dozens of new variations and styles offered by Butcher Billy. And the best part? Redeem just one RSOP NFT to have it permanently saved on the blockchain!

Go log in now and start creating your own one-of-a-kind MVP NFT!

MVP Selection Screen


In addition to the aesthetic opportunities around the Butcher’s Block (and/or the anytime Re-roll option for your MVP), we want to introduce an additional layer of gamification and incentive immediately at launch.

For community members who wish to participate in this exciting engagement opportunity, we are also making the following incentives available:

All MVPs start at Level 1 = earning a score of one (1) MVP Holder Score

Now, upon each Customization or Re-Roll (at the cost of 1 RSOP Chip) your MVP will upgrade one Level = up to a maximum of Level 10 (“Max MVP”).

  • Even when you Re-roll, while the aesthetics will fully change in an irreversible transaction, your MVP ID # will maintain its Level and “increase/boost” to the next Level.
  • Example: you have MVP ID #1234 and personalize it on two occasions. You started at Level 1, and then upgraded to Level 2 and then Level 3. You then decide to Re-roll. Your MVP will reset aesthetically but the Level remains intact, so following the Re-roll you will now be upgraded to Level 4.
  • MVPs cannot decrease in Levels, and can be purchased on secondary with their boosted levels intact by new owners.

The chart below indicates the new MVP Score a holder receives that corresponds with the Level number of MVPs they hold:

MVP Score in Accordance to Level

At this time, MVPs cannot advance beyond Level 10 (Max MVPs) although you can continue to enjoy additional personalizations if you so wish. Some additional opportunities may be unlocked for MVP Level 10 holders in the future, but that is not yet confirmed at this time.

MVP Personalizations do not affect rarity scores. Butcher Billy designed a genius system where each trait unlocks special additional traits, giving you the freedom to design and create within the aesthetic world he created.

MVP Re-rolls will affect rarity — you are getting a 100% new MVP each time.

MVP Levels are new on-chain attributes that can be searched and sorted on OpenSea under the “Boost” section and will also be available as filters from the Collection homepage.

Your MVP Holder score will be added alongside that of your team (as is currently done now, but with the added benefit of Level Boosts) and displayed on the Royal Leaderboard. The new monthly RLP earned via Houses by totalling the MVP Score will also be increased as follows:

Monthly RLP earned by Houses via MVP Score Totals

Lastly, for those who wish to hold their RSOP Chips, the total value of Chips held is now also visible on the Leaderboard and will earn RLP for your House going forward. We will make a separate announcement with those details.

For now, we hope that everyone enjoys the ability to explore and create the new aesthetic identities for your MVPs. We are thrilled to bring you this incredible innovation and another important piece to the Royal Ecosystem.

Go level up your MVPs, and Butcher the Royal Leaderboard! What are you waiting for, Player?



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