#doodleaday: Reflections on Community and Creativity on Social Media

Providing the prompts for #doodleaday in March has been the most fun I’ve had on Twitter in a long time (I always have fun on Instagram). In fact, it was a privilege. Here are some of my doodled reflections.

You can leverage the LIKE button

Most social media platforms which hope to monetize user data want us to “like” things. We are often lead to believe that this is the natural order of things, but we should remember the algorithms are designed by humans with stakeholders to answer to. It’s much easier to target an audience with advertising if you know what they like, as opposed to the complexities of the actions they actually take.

#doodleaday was awesome because, when you liked someone’s doodle, you were saying you liked something they did, not just what they say they do.

But it’s also a problem

When I teach people doodling and sketchnoting in face to face settings, I stress the importance of non-evaluative, descriptive feedback as opposed to shallow praise. Social media lays a shallow praise trap for you.

It’s better to share incomplete ideas than feel pressured to be “right”

The most common concern I hear from people adverse to posting their ideas on personal social media learning networks has to do with the feeling that their ideas are incomplete or undeveloped. This means that we are often missing out on the thoughts of some of the people in the world with an essential trait: humility.

When you share a doodle, you are inherently sharing an incomplete, “rough” idea. It’s very difficult to be disingenuous. No one defends their doodle to the death like they might a trite political statement of 140 characters. When you get in the habit of sharing vulnerability in this way, there’s a touch of liberation that gets sprinkled on your shoulders.

Copying is so underrated

You get good at doing or thinking things by copying others. Anyone who has reached certain heights in creativity knows this. We don’t do it enough. During #doodleaday everyone was copying each other. It was wonderful.

Immersing Yourself in Creativity is Bliss

Your social media timelines can be what you make them. If you want them filled with words, you can like, follow, and hashtag your way into word land. If you’d prefer to immerse yourself in the world’s weird and wonderful little doodles, you can lay in them like a hot bath.

Community is everything

#doodleaday doesn’t happen without the community. It just doesn’t.

Social media is fun!

Like I’ve said for the longest time if you’re not having fun, why are you here?

Thank you to everyone who participated in #doodleaday in March. You brightened up the light that shines from the phone in my hand.

You can find all the prompts, tweets, instagrams, and information about Sunday, April 2nd’s live Google Hangout on Air conversation on the site.

Originally published at royan lee.