Growing Up Royan 2: Sesame Street

Like every person that has existed on earth, I’ve spent most of my life grappling with my social location and identity. Growing Up Royan is a “picture book” I’m doodling, writing, and sharing on my blog. Check out each page of the series as I write it live. I hope you find some connection within its pages, and maybe even find it useful in your culturally responsive classrooms.

Page 2: Sesame Street

Even before Royan could walk, he loved language and music. His baby walker was like a space ship which carried him around the galaxy of his family’s small apartment. It allowed him to follow his mother around and talk and sing with her constantly. That’s how he learned Korean very quickly. But there was another language which blew his mind. It was being taught to him through a glowing box with music, Muppets, and story.

Prompting Guide*:

  • Do you have people or organizations that teach you things even though you’ve never met them in person?
  • What do we learn from our families and what do we learn from others?
  • How has media had an impact on your growth and development?

*Note that these prompts are simply suggestions. Moreover, they are shared under the assumption that the environment in which they are used is an inclusive, equitable, culturally responsive space which allows the safety needed for such conversations to have a positive impact on the reader(s).

Originally published at royan lee.

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