Growing Up Royan 3: First Day of School

Like every person that has existed on earth, I’ve spent most of my life grappling with my social location and identity. Growing Up Royan is a “picture book” I’m doodling, writing, and sharing on my blog. Check out each page of the series as I write it live. I hope you find some connection within its pages, and maybe even find it useful in your culturally responsive classrooms.

Page 3: First Day of School

Royan was shocked on his first day of school. He had never seen so many different looking children of all shapes, sizes, and colours; heard so many exotic sounds; encountered as many different things to touch and explore; or talked to such a majestic looking person as his teacher before. There was nothing Royan could do but pee in his pants.

Prompting Guide*:

  • What emotions did Royan feel about his first day of school?
  • What images do you conjure up from the first day of school?
  • Why did Royan’s teacher seem like a beautiful giant to him?

*Note that these prompts are simply suggestions. Moreover, they are shared under the assumption that the environment in which they are used is an inclusive, equitable, culturally responsive space which allows the safety needed for such conversations to have a positive impact on the reader(s).

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