Growing Up Royan: Lunch Shame

Like every person that has existed on earth, I’ve spent most of my life grappling with my social location and identity. Growing Up Royan is a “picture book” I’m doodling, writing, and sharing on my blog. Check out each page of the series as I write it live. I hope you find some connection within its pages, and maybe even find it useful in your culturally responsive classrooms.

Page 4: Lunch Shame

Royan’s mom was a great cook. She always made him delicious, healthy, homecooked lunches that people today would gladly pay money for in an Asian restaurant. It was Royan’s favourite kind of food. He hated his mom for packing it.

Prompting Guide*:

  • Why would Royan be ashamed of something he loved so much?
  • What caused him to blame his mother for his circumstance?
  • How do you think his mother felt when Royan begged her to make him simple white bread sandwiches?

*Note that these prompts are simply suggestions. Moreover, they are shared under the assumption that the environment in which they are used is an inclusive, equitable, culturally responsive space which allows the safety needed for such conversations to have a positive impact on the reader(s).

Originally published at royan lee.