Podcasts for Pedagogues: The Privacy Paradox

I am a walking paradox. To understand who I am is to come to an intimate grasp of cognitive dissonance. My poor wife is a captive audience to my regular contradictions. She is forced to make the following face on a regular basis when trying to comprehend how she ended up marrying someone as confounding as me.

The starkest example of this can be seen in my dichotomous relationship with contemporary, data-mined, digital technologies. That’s one of the reasons I am a massive fan of Manoush Zomorodi and her Note to Self podcast. Listening to Zomorodi’s stories helps me work through a lot of thinking and struggle I have around, as they say, “being a human that uses technology.” The podcast’s goal is not to give you neat and tidy answers to complex problems. Rather, it helps you to go deeper into the complexity.

The Privacy Paradox series was a great example of this. Listen to the episodes and see my accompanying sketchnotes below.

Originally published at the spicy learning blog.