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Spicy Story:

September feels like a tsunami when you’re one of the lucky families that truly gets to unwind in the summer. It’s been one of those weeks where it’s hard for members of our family to get out of bed. Even our “21st Century” alarm clock which gradually brings light into the room couldn’t do the trick. But you know what did? A sudden stench.

That’s right, there are few things as energizing in a routine morning than a foul smell. Dog poo? Chemicals? Tire fire? Electrical burning? Your mind goes crazy. Then you start bickering with your loved ones because each of you has a theory about what it is.

Finally, like a fine episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, our detective work landed on the following evidence:

  • The dogs were unusually frantic on their morning visit to the backyard;
  • It started stinking like crazy when they came back in;
  • They smell like a horror movie;
  • Everything they touch stinks like the smell is a creature in and of itself;
  • The Googled description of what skunk spray smells like smells like our house.

The lesson? Well, it’s not the obvious one which is never, ever to give into your impulses to accept canines in your home. For me, it’s the funny thing that happens when you Google “What does a [blank] smell like?” and then you try to figure out if the words match what’s in your nose. We don’t have words for smells except for comparing them to something else!

Spicy Listen:

Not only does this Freakonomics episode tell a fascinating and rare story of a professional athlete who foregoes millions of dollars in favour of his health and wellbeing, but it also distinguishes risk from uncertainty, something we often confuse when we overly celebrate “risk taking”.

Spicy Read:

This intriguing op-ed was shared with me by the wonderful Pam Agawa and it still has me ruminating hard about what a land acknowledgment means in Canada.

Spicy Video:

If you need a great video to spark some thinking around perseverance or perspective, show the first part of this edition of Great Big Story’s “Humans Do The Most Incredible Things. If you want an awesome one about teamwork, go for part four.

Spicy Tech:

Do you wonder how I find the time or energy to save and remember all of these links? I use IFTTT (If This Then That). It connects social media accounts together. For example, I have an “applet” which automatically puts all Twitter links I post into a Google sheet.

Originally published at royan lee.

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