Spicy Snacks: More Than Just Tacos

Spicy Snacks are little bits and bites for people that are into education, parenting, or technology. Should I recommend a product or service, rest assured that I have not been paid to do so. Enjoy!

Teaching While Depressed

The Rising Action might be my favourite teacher blog. Vulnerability, honesty, and beauty beam through the screen as you read it. This week’s post on “Teaching While Depressed” was so helpful to read, as we’ve all known colleagues who have experienced this struggle.

The Art of Screen Time

Last week I shared danah boyd’s (sic) stance on the “screen time” debate. This week, listen to two of my faves, Manoush Zomorodi and Anya Kamanetz reminding us to walk the walk more than talk the talk.

Are we listening to one another?

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, former university professor, and now social media entrepreneur and intellectual. I am intrigued by the social media storm which has surrounded him for the past year or two. This isn’t because I wish to engage in a debate about his ideas. Instead, I’m concerned it’s a symptom of the way these spaces might be enabling us to do a lot of talking, but not much listening.

Food is a Story

I love this universal story about immigration so much. It’s so much more than about tacos.

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