Spicy Snacks: Play Games With Your Kids

Spicy Snacks are little bits and bites for people that are into education, parenting, or technology. Enjoy!

Spicy Intro:

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Lately, I find the education social media sphere rather overwhelming, so I just need breaks. Also, Santa brought a Nintendo Switch to our house, so my kids and I are having so much fun. We’re also sharing “let’s play” videos on our new YouTube site. If you know a child at heart who might want to subscribe, check it out.

What are “let’s play” videos, you ask? If you have to ask, then you probably shouldn’t. File them under this generation’s “Things Kids Love That Adults Don’t Understand”. Basically, people film themselves playing video games and others watch them. The highest level of this is to perform/watch them live on a channel like Amazon’s Twitch. Before judging this phenomenon, one only has to replace the term “video game” with any recreational activity that is more normalized in adult’s eyes. Then, it doesn’t seem too crazy.

Spicy Listen:

On Being’s interview with the founding abbot of Upaya Zen Center, Joan Halifax, deftly and beautifully gives us perspective on how we might live a life of purpose in a world where we are bombarded with information about the horrors and inequities that exist at just about every turn.

Spicy Read:

Panicked about Kid’s Addiction to Tech? (Parents need to calm down and look themselves in the mirror.

Spicy Video:

While the following video from The Atlantic attempts to answer the question of why women often seem to prefer male bosses over females, to me, it’s speaking to the larger issue of internalized oppression and how it impacts us all.

Spicy Tech:

(Well, this is more a resource than a technology, but who cares.) Do you, like most of the consumerist world, become afflicted with the tyranny of choice whenever you want or need to buy a new gadget, appliance, or anything, really? Forget Consumer Reports. The Wirecutter is the best. Until they prove themselves otherwise, I will continue to trust them to buy the best piece of crap in a world full of rubbish.

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