Spicy Snacks: Voice and Space

Spicy Snacks are little bits and bites for people that are into education, parenting, or technology. Enjoy!

Spicy Doodles:

I made the following doodles while watching two extraordinary women and dear friends, Nada Aoudeh and Debbie Donsky, speak about voice and space at TEDxKitchenerEd.

Spicy Listen:

Information aversion (often called “the ostrich effect”) is something I’ve been thinking about a lot of late. On one hand, it makes sense that one should seek out all information possible to take the correct action. On the other hand, in an age of information surplus, it overwhelms us and steals our wellbeing. This episode of Hidden Brain explores the tension well.

Spicy Read:

The Atlantic has become very good at writing headlines which maximize virality; “The Coming Software Apocalypse” is no exception. Still, if you can look past the superlatives, this long-form which calls for a change in how we code software is fascinating.

Spicy Video:

Missed #TEDxKitchenerEd? No problem. Watch the stream below!

Spicy Tech:

My two favourite photo filter apps for mobile are VSCO and Prisma. My buddy Fred told me about the former a long time ago. Their filters are basically how I see the world (I know that sounds weird, but I just don’t know a better way to put it). I actually wouldn’t say the same about the latter app. The two main reasons I find utility in Prisma are: a) it helps make bad photos (taken in bad lighting, etc.) a bit more interesting to look at; and b) it helps hide faces through distortion, which is often needed as an educator.

Originally published at royan lee.