Stuff my daughter says after work

Mar 18, 2018 · 1 min read

Milivoj Kuhar

I get a kick out of picking my daughter up at the end of her shift. The various expressions on her face as I see her exit the doors of “the golden arches” gives me a bizarre hit of endorphins. But more than the faces, I love the little conversation we have in the car on the way home. Here are the archetypal things she has said to me in her first couple of months of being a working girl:

Ohmigawd, people are so annoying.😣

I have one mean boss and one nice boss.😑

Whoa, it’s nice to make money.🤑

So, basically, I can buy myself a pair of Jordans, and then buy myself another one not long after that?😎

I like it better now because I know what I’m doing.😈

Guess what?!?! There’s a new girl, so I’m not the new one any more!”😸

I notice most people who work there are brown.🤔

At her work, she’s not special; she’s a cog in a machine. Sometimes you need that.

Originally published at royan lee.

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