Achieving Amazing Life in 10 Steps

In order to have an amazing life you must do amazing things all day. This month I want to introduce 10 easy steps to having an amazing life.

1. Keep your word, and that is not just keep your word to yourself, but also keep your word to others, because when you keep your word, you are then accomplishing great things.

2. Do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes means you may have to miss out on a party on a Saturday night, or maybe stay out late, but amazing people just get it done.

3. Place others before yourself. As you know, no one loves a selfish person.

4. Be enthusiastic and full of hope. It is said that enthusiasm is the prime of the persuasion without pressure.

5. Create certainty in everything you say and do. If it’s through an email or a text, don’t leave anyone guessing.

6. Be a possibilitarian. A possibilitarian is someone who believes that anything is possible for them and for others.

7. Be decisive. Decisive people make decisions all day long. They do their research, find out what they need to find out and then they make a decision and simply move on.

8. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Delegate as much as you can. My motto is, “If somebody can do it better, don’t you touch it and if somebody can do it cheaper, then how dare you?”

9. Figure out what your Why is. Why is it that you do what you do? What is it that is driving you? If you know your Why, you will know the where and the how.

10. Get caught in the act of doing and not the act of thinking. I am not telling you not to think, yes think all you want, but eventually get into the act of doing, go get it done,

Go have an amazing life!


📌Want more information on how to have an amazing life? Check out the videos below.