Basic Dental Care for healthy teeth, because we all love smiling!

An oral health report by the World Health Organization (WHO) specifies that about 60–90% of school going children and nearly 100% of adults have tooth cavities. Reluctance towards oral health and hygiene may lead to greater oral problems like oral infection, gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss, the worst of all being the deadly oral cancer.

To avoid such ill effects one should regularly follow some basic dental care tips for healthy teeth and strong gums.

The gain shall not only be a beautiful smile but also the best of oral health with zero dental problems.

Need for Basic Dental Care -

A pair of good gleaming white teeth are anybody’s best asset. Therefore, we must ensure that they last for a lifetime.

Here are the major reasons Dentist in India lists on why basic dental care at home is to be maintained:

● To ensure shinning white teeth and strong gums

● To prevent dental problems like pyorrhea (gum disease), tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, bad breath and other such problems.

● To clear our mouth of bacteria that builds up naturally and is the root to problems like cavities.

● To prevent tooth enamel loss so as to maintain teeth luster and keep it cavity free.

● To cut short the trips to the dentist and also the expenses on costly oral treatments.

● To improve overall oral and body health.

Tips to maintain Oral Health -

One can restore as well as improve oral health and hygiene by following the basic dental care tips:

Brush Twice daily-

Needless to mention that one must brush twice daily to avoid problems like bad breath and plaque formation. We should clean our mouth of the germ build up and ensure that there is no left over food particles stuck in between our teeth by brushing twice daily- in the morning and before bed at night.

It should be taken care while brushing that the toothbrush is held at 45° angle near the gum line. This provides the deepest cleaning without applying much pressure on the brush handle. The toothpaste to be used must contain fluoride that helps in demineralization of the enamel.

Floss once daily-

In addition to brushing, we need to floss our teeth once a day to loosen up the food particles stuck in between our teeth, which shall be fed upon by the bacteria. Flossing helps us cleaning the deepest corners of our mouth where a brush cannot reach.

It is also advised to use a mouthwash but not directly after brushing as it might lead to the fluoride being washed away.

We should remember to change our toothbrush in every 3–4 months.

Also smoking and tobacco consumption should be abandoned to get a healthy shinning pearl-like teeth.

Food habits for healthy teeth and gums- We often consider food rich in sugar unfriendly when it comes to healthy teeth. But the sweet-lovers cannot anyway keep away from pleasing their sweet tooth. However one should never forget to include these essential elements in a diet to keep the teeth and gums healthy as listed by Dentzz:

1) Calcium and phosphorous- Such elements re-mineralize enamel and keep away the teeth from decay and damage. Therefore, is necessary to keep teeth strong and healthy.

Sources- Yogurt, cheese, seafood, milk, eggs, pumpkin seeds, fish, red meat etc.

2) Liquid Diet- Consumption of food that contain a lot of water are great for the teeth and gums as they neutralize the bacteria that causes cavities.

Sources- apples, cucumber etc.

3) Food rich in Vitamins C and D- Vitamin C and D are both important ingredient for overall health. While Vitamin D helps our body absorb calcium better, Vitamin C produces collagen, a protein that helps to fight gum diseases.

Sources- Oranges, kiwi, broccoli, strawberry etc.

In addition to the above mentioned food, anything rich in omega-3, anti-oxidants, iron and pro-biotics also holds a star status on the list.

Regular check up with the dentist-

For cleaner, healthier mouth, teeth and gums and to know more about your oral health you should never miss an appointment with the dentist. A check up once in every six months along with a session of professional cleaning can help us avoiding every kind of dental problem.

We must follow these dental care tips to secure our teeth in all possible way so that it may serve us for a lifetime.