How to have a healthy tongue?

How to have healthy tongue? Picture Souce @wikihow

Which is the most used muscle in your body after your heart and tongue? Well unless you are one of the silent types that go for marathons every day, it’s your tongue. A human tongue is made up of eight muscles that together work constantly. Hence, you must keep it healthy.

What Do You Mean by Healthy Tongue?

Picture Souce @wikihow

When you think of oral health the first and probably the last thing that comes to your mind is teeth. Well, Dentzz Dental lists certainly more things than that. Apart from your teeth and gums, the cheeks and especially your tongue are also very important.

Your tongue does a lot more than you think, hence you need to have a healthy tongue. That way, you can’t miss out on all the benefits of it.

Dentzz review has listed the following benefits or uses of the tongue:

· The tongue is the reason your vocal cords are able to produce complex words that just the lips won’t be able to do.

· The tongue is also an important part of digestion, helping in mastication or chewing of food.

· Your tongue also protects you from external microscopic threats working in tandem with lingual tonsils to guard your mouth against germs.

· Along with all that, your tongue allows you to taste the food into one of five different tastes.

Does a lot more than you thought, doesn’t it?

How To Keep Your Tongue Healthy?

Picture Souce @wikihow

You can have a healthy tongue by following these four easy things as observed by Dentzz Dental:

Proper Cleaning- If you do not clean your tongue on a regular basis you can find a layer of white sticky substance on the back of your tongue. This is bacteria that have stuck inside the rough surface of the tongue.

Using an off the shelf tongue cleaner is very effective in cleaning this layer off. However, in the absence of a tongue cleaner, your regular toothbrush is also equally effective. Though while using it you may face more gag reflex.

Proper Diet- As the tongue is a muscle, a diet beneficial to muscles can also affect the tongue. High protein and iron sources from leafy vegetables, lean red meat, fish oil pills, poultry among others should be a constant in your diet.

Antibiotic Foods- Since the tongue is always going to be in contact with external sources of germs. It is a good practice to include certain foods that actively help fight bacteria on your tongue. Some of the foods are ginger, crushed onions, garlic, honey, coconut oils etc.

Regular Check-up- Lastly, you should consult an expert every 6 months. The dentist is the only person qualified to let you know whether your mouth is in a good condition. Make sure to ask your dentist to take a look at your tongue.