Why is Brushing Two Times in A Day Important?

Sometimes brushing your teeth can be quite a boring activity. And it’s even more boring when you have to do it twice a day. But this simple activity, if done correctly, can help protect your teeth from the dangers of bacteria in your mouth.

When you eat or drink something that contains sugar, it leaves traces of bacteria called plaque on your teeth. This plaque contains bacteria that turn into acids which attack your tooth enamel, leading to a cavity.

If you still aren’t convinced enough to brush twice a day, Dentist in Mumbai can give you eight more reasons why:

  • Gives You Fresh and Clean Breath
    Not brushing regularly can lead to a rise in the bacteria in your mouth and this can wreak havoc with your breath. Brushing twice a day is detrimental to have your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  • Helps to Prevent Gum Disease
    In addition to cavities, not brushing twice a day can also cause another quite serious problem - Gingivitis. This disease can leave your gums red and swollen and may also cause your gums to bleed. The first stage of Gingivitis itself would cause your gums to be inflamed and bleeding. However, with proper dental care you can reverse this condition.
  • Helps Reduce Chances of a Heart Attack or Stroke
    Yes, you read that right. Poor oral hygiene and not brushing twice a day can increase your chances of having a heart attack or a stroke. Believe it or not, the bacteria from your mouth can flow into your bloodstream which in turn would increase the chances of a cholesterol build up in your arteries.
  • Keeps your Teeth Free from Stains
    Nobody likes yellow stained teeth. It certainly does not give a good impression to anyone. And brushing regularly can help keep your teeth stain-free. Toothpaste contains ingredients like calcium carbonate, phosphate salts, aluminium oxides and much more that help keep your teeth free from stains.
  • Increases your Chances of Having A Healthy Baby
    Gum disease has been linked to increased chances of premature birth or low birth weight. Pregnant women need to keep in mind that the increased bacteria in their mouth from poor oral hygiene can travel into the bloodstream of their baby, thus causing complications.

Just three minutes of brushing done two times a day can help save you from unnecessary problems. Just remember, it is better to practice good oral hygiene and prevent the problem in the first place rather than letting it build up and cost you a fortune to cure in the future.

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