Are You Really Alive? Find Your “WHY” in Life

You might have probably heard it already that we all have a purpose in life. Some can relate to religious reasons, some will say it is to serve humanity itself, and it is right to some extent. But when we have different thoughts, different emotions, different desires and everything different and unique about ourselves, how can our purpose be the same? And this is exactly what I want to share with you, how do we find our own unique purpose in life?

When we are talking about passions and life goals, we can come up with a number of things, some will say they want love, some want professional success and some want to change the world in a better way. But have we ever talked about the costs which we have to pay for these goals? We can keep listing the things that we want out of life but we never pay attention to the costs that we have to bear in order to meet these desires.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Today I am going to share the life goals of 4 actual individuals from my network and the costs that they are willing to bear for them. I will replace their names out of respect for their privacy. In finding out about their goals and aspirations, it has also helped me better understand my own purpose in life and see what truly drives my heart.

I tried to contact different type of people for this activity, so that their responses would be unique and different from each other. But still, 2 of the responses from John and Sam were very similar, both of them want to achieve financial success in their lives to take care of their families while keeping a balance with religion. Their prime focus is to be good and gentle while trying to establish financial success. And when asked about the cost that they are willing to pay in order to achieve their goals, John said he is willing to bear any form of physical stress that his success might require, he said he is willing to work day and night in order to achieve his goal but he will not compromise on his integrity for financial success. While Sam said he can bear any pain that life throws at him, but he will not shy away from trying to get a better life. Sam was very clear about his resilience and ability to face failures and he was persistent in trying his best to achieve success in this life and in the life after.

The other 2 responses from Martin and Kate were a bit different. Martin wants to live his life for others, he says he wants to give the same level of respect and love to every person who crosses his path in his life. Martin loves his family but he says he considers everyone his family. He knows that his family deserves the most from him but in his opinion, there are so many people down the road, who will need his support even more, as some people do not have anyone to call their own. And when asked about the pain of achieving this goal, Martin is willing to let go off many of his personal desires in favour of others. Martin knows if he wants to help others, he will have to compromise on many opportunities. He can stay away from his family, he can bear financial stress and he can face any form of psychological resistance but he says at his core, he wants to make others happy.

Kate’s response was the most amazing, as she was not sure about her purpose in life. I gave her a lot of time to think and reflect on this question, and after a while she said she wanted to have a family and take good care of her family members. Kate said she was not satisfied with many aspects of her behaviour and it was her goal to fix them and try to be a role model for others. When I asked her about the pain that she is willing to endure, she again took a long pause and said she does not like to suffer psychologically. She said she can bear physical pain in any form, but she is very bad in handling depression. So if she is faced with too much depression in life, she would run away from anything that might lie after that depression.

These responses from people in my network have opened my eyes about many aspects of their personalities and more importantly, it has proven that everyone has a unique purpose and goal in life. I am still not sure what I want the most out of my life, I have some things on the top of my mind, but I don’t know which desires will cut through their costs and eventually become my life purpose. Maybe you can try and ask your friends and family for their life purpose as well and see what they have to say.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ― Pablo Picasso