Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Owen, I read your article through three times (I am afflicted with Hepatic Encephalopathy)each time my pulse racing, my heart thumping, inwardly screaming that Labour needs a Messiah. Jeremy Corbyn holds many of the same beliefs as me, but… When I talk to my neighbours (I live in most deprived area of Leeds) and ask them what they think of JC. They don’t know. After a few seconds some give up a chuckle and say ‘oh he wants to build Trident but doesn’t want them to have any missiles on board, arsehole!’

If a leader has any policies that he believes in he has got to bang on about them, explain them simply, defend them vigorously with zeal, with vision and for god’s sake share that vision that he holds dear, let them that hear him feel the heat of his of his very core. The cool intellectual that comes across to ordinary folk leaves them totally numb.

Your article, it is both courageous of you and dangerous to you. I was a victim of Militant back in the 1980’s and forced out of active politics for my own safety as I was seen as being ‘reactionary’, at the same time I was labelled as being a socialist firebrand union rep. by my employers. You can’t win in this game.

Keep on what you are doing, the more they attack you, the more they are taking notice of what you say. Some seed will find good earth and grow.