Imagine If Starbucks Was A Better Place To Work

Small Tweaks That Could Make Starbucks That Much Better For The Working Folk

I took this picture a couple of days ago while I was working at a local Starbucks. This image is the main reason why I am occasionally frustrated by my customer experience there. Let me explain.

I run my business out of a co-working space, but once in a while I like a change of scenery so I go to Starbucks.

Starbucks is the 2nd (and 1st) office for an incredible amount of people. Solopreneurs, sales people, real estate agents — piles of us spend hours sipping lattes and doing business.

The problem is, Starbucks is actually only a great place for certain types of work. Take another look at the picture above and it becomes obvious:

Unless you’re simply having a conversation or reading a book, Starbucks furniture makes work that much harder.

It’s as simple as that. Starbucks is primarily designed for talkers and readers, not so much for doers.

  • Pull out a laptop and you’re sorta worried about potentially tipping over your cup of coffee.
  • Try open a book while on a tablet or laptop and your juggling skills are suddenly put on high alert.
  • And wow, those seats…let’s just say they’re not designed for 1hr+ of butt pressure.

Of course, these are minor issues to deal with. And, some Starbucks stores do feature long tables that (somewhat) make work easier.

But, if Starbucks could make those tables a little bigger, and make those seats a little more comfy, I’d probably end up buying another drink or snack cause I’d be staying that much longer. I suspect others would, too.

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