Roy Dean is a well-respected black belt in 3rd degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who resides in Los Angeles. Claudio Franka trained him initially, but Roy Harris promoted him to purple and then black. Dean fell in love and learned Judo while still a kid. Dean decided to become a coach after a successful career in Jiu Jitsu, which saw him compete against some of today’s most prominent Jiu Jitsu players. Dean has black belts in Judo and Aikido as well as BJJ.

In the past, he has devoted the majority of his time in spreading knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, Roy Dean has established him as being one of the biggest online supporters for Jiu Jitsu. His presence on Youtube and social media along with his work as a writer and coach at his own academy has led to him becoming Dean an one of the top sought-after instructors within the Jiu Jitsu Community. Dean is most likely best known for his professionally-produced videos, which include his belt requirements ranging from the blue-black range. They were created in collaboration together with Roy Harris and continue to aid students enrolled at Roy Dean academy to this day.

How Old is Roy Dean?

Roy Dean was born on December 4, 1974, in Anchorage, Alaska. He is now 46 year old and has been learning Jiu Jitsu in various forms for over 22 years, almost half his life.

How Much is Roy Dean Worth?

Roy Dean has done an impressive job of promoting his unique talents and extensive experience in the field. He has published and written numerous books, has a well-known and profitable YouTube channel and manages numerous Jiu Jitsu academies under his international name. The results of these efforts brought Dean around 4.6 million dollars in 2021.

How Tall is Roy Dean?

Roy Dean’s height isn’t listed, though it appears that he is larger than 6 feet. He’s comparable in size with Nick Diaz, who he faced off against in 2001. The matchup video is on YouTube.

How Much Does Roy Dean Weigh?

Roy Dean’s size and weight aren’t readily available, but Dean competed in a match against Victor Estima, who competed at 190lbs. It is probable that Dean weighs between 185–195 pounds when competing.

Roy Dean Fight List

Roy Dean has left a greater impression as a teacher rather than a competitor however, he did compete against World-level competitors in the year 2001 (Nick Diaz) and 2009 (Victor Estima).

Roy Dean’s Best Fight of All Time

Dean was a winner at lower levels but his career at the world level was a little short. Dean’s greatest win was against Sebastien Munoz at the 2009 IBJJF World Championships.

Who Did Roy Dean Lose To?

Dean played against some of the top players the sport has to offer and at times found the matches to be an educational experience. If asked to name his top memorable encounters, he pointed to the losses he suffered in the fight against Nick Diaz and Victor Estima. Both of them were able to make it big as combat sports.

Roy Dean Record

Roy Dean has many lower level victories However, he only has a 1–2 record in his World Championships. He was a competitor in the early in the 2000s with a blue belt. He competed later in 2009, as black belt.

Roy Dean Injuries

Jiu Jitsu is a sport which is known to take the toll of those who participate in it. Much like numerous BJJ players before his, Roy Dean was injured by tearing his ACL during the course of his playing career. He was interviewed and admitted that it took him a long time to get towards full health due to the fact that he injured the ligament two times during his rehabilitation before he could complete a full recovery. He is now back on the mats in good form and is ready to keep spreading his Jiu Jitsu passion.

Is Roy Dean Retired?

Roy Dean is retired from competition, and is now focused on “showing people around the world how beautiful, transformative, and powerful this art can be.” His collection of videos, books, and training materials certainly meet the criteria they have made an unforgettable mark on the art that is Jiu Jitsu. His belt-related videos, from black to blue and his materials on no-gi submissions, can be found on



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