End Of Days Shit: My thoughts as an ex DA employee on the current #CapeTown #WaterCrisis.
Andre Bothma

I tried telling John Maytham on CapeTalk 567 about 6–8 months ago that we need to establish just how many people the current water sources of Cape Town can comfortably support and plan to accommodate for that — having a bath, having a vegetable garden — but got cut off with the insinuation that I was a racist in suggesting that the influx of people from Eastern Cape were the problem.

My logic was and still is that we cannot build more dams, aquifers get drained (ask the Indian farmers committing suicide) and without a comfortable supply of water the economy and especially the tourist market will collapse with all the attendent social mayhem. And of course the rainfall patern has moved out to sea as a consequence of a shift in the high pressure zone moving down from the equator.

We are surrounded by water and the sensible thing to do would be to utilise it via desalinisation, take the stress off business and allow it to grow and prosper everyone. If we need to pay for water so be it in relationship to our affordability and usage.

Grahamtek http://gtek.org.za have offered to economically solve the problem but are treated with disdain. One has to wonder why.

My only conclusion is that they are waaaaay out of their depth and their stupidity is going to be the downfall of us all …. unless Jesus arrives with the rain of course.