Diving Locations in Maui

Outside of work, experienced financial reporting consultant Roy Dowdell spends time traveling throughout North and South America. Roy Dowdell counts Maui, where he has scuba dived, among the places he enjoys the most.

The north and east ends of Maui typically see less scuba diving because of swell activity. However, the southern region of Maui provides ample diving opportunities, including Hidden Pinnacle, the point at Ulua and Mokapu, and Turtle Caves. The latter consists of 60-foot lava pinnacles that, over time, have formed into caves that serve as a habitat for various types of sea life. Additionally, divers can explore hard and soft coral during underwater expeditions at Turtle Caves.

On the west side of the island is Kahekili Park, Jodo Reef, and Mala Wharf. Mala Wharf was formerly utilized by fishers and as a sugarcane transport channel. Now, the pier remains abandoned, making it an ideal spot for fish to swim freely and divers to enjoy calmer waters, reaching 35 feet in depth, as well as caves and protected holes.