Roy Golden achieves success by being rationally irrational and shares his method of accepting brutal honesty to get a better best.

Brutal honesty is embraced daily… When I wake up, the morning’s first ninety minutes are spent in deep evaluation of long and short-term goals, the worthiness of those goals, and the steps required to accomplish those goals. …

Whose song are you singing today?

I came early.

Why would I not? It was my first time performing in front of a public audience — and I couldn’t wait to give them my special surprise. ;-)

“Now get back! I ain’t introduced you yet!”

The emcee barked as I selfishly strutted onstage, salivating to setup the mic…

Learn to love the longing while striving with maximum effort to complete a project “soonest.”

“You done yet?”

I can still hear his voice, carefully creeping through the doorway to the production office, squinting at the screen as if he were going to locate a one-character discrepancy inside 5,000 lines of code.

“Soonest,” I precisely replied.

There truly is no better way to answer a…

The most important note I ever took in college.

Everything useful I learned in college fits on less than five pages in a small notepad.

I typically don’t take notes, and, if I do, most often it’s only to identify a keyword or short phrase that will help jog my memory later. …

Roy Golden

Passionate + Storyteller. Singer, songwriter, speaker. President of RDGE. Make. Be. Live… Like me. :-)

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