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Roy Golden achieves success by being rationally irrational and shares his method of accepting brutal honesty to get a better best.

“You’re not being sensible,” I say to myself.

Brutal honesty is embraced daily… When I wake up, the morning’s first ninety minutes are spent in deep evaluation of long and short-term goals, the worthiness of those goals, and the steps required to accomplish those goals. When the day is done, its final thirty minutes are coated with quiet reflection as I evaluate the efficiency of that day’s activities.

“You’re out of your mind.”

I hear it all the time — sincere evaluation of the dire situation that is this current position, combined with a rapidly dwindling microscopic likelihood of success…

“WHAT THE F**K, ROY!???”

Answerless, I shrug, go to sleep, and repeat.


Last night I looked for a few old photos to use in upcoming promotional materials, and I was shocked how much progress has been made in what is actually a very short amount of time. One moment stood out…


Roy Golden

Passionate + Storyteller. Singer, songwriter, speaker. President of RDGE. Make. Be. Live… Like me. :-)

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