Sing Your Own Song

Whose song are you singing today?

I came early.

Why would I not? It was my first time performing in front of a public audience — and I couldn’t wait to give them my special surprise. ;-)

“Now get back! I ain’t introduced you yet!”

The emcee barked as I selfishly strutted onstage, salivating to setup the mic and get singing. She botched the intro bigtime.

“From Longview — I mean, Tyler.”

Sheesh! We had gone over it a dozen times during rehearsals.

“From Tyler, Texas, USA.”

The Gladewater Opry was a quaint little place. Tucked away along a strip of century-old buildings in the tiny East Texas town of Gladewater, it combined desires of country music hopefuls with desires of country music fans.

We came to play, they came to listen.

But I was driven by something different… I wanted to play MY SONGS.

In August of 1994, on a legal-sized yellow notepad, I scribbled some words that comprised my first attempt at composing a song.

Words came easy… Chords came hard.

It took the better part of five years before I finally began writing songs musically first, lyrically later. That first batch of music was primarily poetry set to time, mixed with melody.

Three years after I wrote those first words to “One Last Ride,” I finally had a chance to share my soul with that unsuspecting audience in Gladewater… “It Happens Every Time” was written as a love poem, an ode to the woman I’d never met, but knew in my heart I’d someday find.

As I watched that video yesterday for the first time in twenty years, I was shocked by how little had changed!

I’m still serenading an unsuspecting audience.

I’m still strutting onstage too soon.

I’m still searching for that woman…

And I’m still singing my own songs.

Whose song are you singing?