The Perfect Timeline

Learn to love the longing while striving with maximum effort to complete a project “soonest.”

“You done yet?”

I can still hear his voice, carefully creeping through the doorway to the production office, squinting at the screen as if he were going to locate a one-character discrepancy inside 5,000 lines of code.

“Soonest,” I precisely replied.

There truly is no better way to answer a closed-ended question than with an abstract term.

I’ll forever be grateful to the man who taught me that tremendously powerful lifehack… Thanks, Skipper!

What may seem on the surface an evasive retort is actually quite accurate:

“I am diligently working, with every ounce of effort, to complete this task as quickly as possible, and am confident a successful conclusion is imminent.”

It’s brilliant!

Deadlines and timelines should not be completely disregarded, though. A well-conceived plan with a specific target date is paramount for achieving desired results in a timely and efficient fashion. Businesses run on timelines. Trains, planes, events, television, etc… in fact, it’s a challenge to name something that doesn’t have an end date attached.

One of life’s biggest pitfalls is conceding long-term success to avoid short-term strife.

The longer I live the clearer it becomes that there is no magic “I made it” moment because the assertive pursuit of a worthy goal lasts a lifetime.

When will the website be done? When will the album be finished?

When will you be financially stable? When will you be married?

When will I see you? When will you be here?

Soonest. :-)

Dorado Myself