Stop Trying to Make a New Russian Aircraft Carrier Happen
War Is Boring

Carriers are power-projection tools. They provide a mobile air base to support land operations or insure sea lane control. As Russia has, at least for the moment, given up trying to export Communism, they really don’t have a need for a carrier. As the article notes, for the Russian Navy it is really a prestige thing.

Besides, until the Russians wake up, smell the coffee and realize that the ski-ramp type carrier is the wrong road in carrier construction, the Storm concept will go nowhere. If you want to compete with the Nimitzes and the Fords, you have to go the CATOBAR route, using some sort of catapult to launch the birdies and arresting gear to recover them. Using the excellent Russian attack aircraft and interceptors off a ski jump carrier is like taking a Corvette and putting a Model T engine under the hood.

For the reasons the article lays out, I don’t think we need to worry about the Russian Navy building a supercarrier any time soon.

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