How to Argue For Brexit
James Finister

It’s unbelievable that Brexiteers would rather pay import tariffs and cause inflation than stay in the EU. Who needs freedom and control when you can have cheap imports.

I know an English plumber he is very good at what he does but he is a thick disgusting racist and yes he voted leave.

He complained that his employer took on polish plumbers who worked for 70% of what he does, he had a choice to take a 30% pay cut or take redundancy, I told him that if he can only earn the same as an immigrant then maybe he is just crap! "but I have been doing this 20 years" he moaned I told him to go to university and get a proper job "I earn the same now as I did 20 years ago!" I told him to stop blaming others "rent is impossible now immigration has pushed wages down and house prices up!" I told him that was a myth "but the Bank Of England said so!" I told him that was lies pushed by the Bank Of England so thick xenophobic idiots like him voted for Brexit. And now the fool’s going to have to pay more because of import tariffs, he should have listened to the experts.

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