4 simple tips to increase your phone’s battery life

Smartphone is one such asset that we can’t afford to give up for even a few moments of the day. Even in the strict office hours, we tend to steal a few moments of Facebook sharing and WatsApp chat. However there is one thing that worries the user’s most and that’s the battery life.

In such situation there are just two things that can mend your ways says the Apple iPhone parts. Either get a new battery or use your phone without affecting the battery:

Don’t let your phone heat up

For a lithium ion battery heat is the worst enemy. If you want to keep up with the battery’s health, make sure your phone doesn’t heat up. To avoid heating the smartphone don’t charge it while playing heavy graphic games. Keep them away from places where there is direct sunlight, such as windows and cars dashboard.

Dim the screen brightness

The display of you’d smartphones screen consumes more energy than any other part of the phone and that is why you need to keep it light. Better keep it on auto mode as it’s is made by keeping in mind the phone’s health. This mode doesn’t harm the battery life and will keep your phone running for the longest hour possible.

Keep the screen timeout time sort

How much time your phone stays awake after leaving it idle. The time should be somewhere between seconds so as to avoid battery drainage. The maximum time you can set is 1 minute, however we recommend keeping it somewhere between 15 to 30 seconds. Better enter your password a few times than draining your phones battery without any use.

Avoid vibration mode

Vibration mode was given to use only when you are in a situation where you can get into sound mode, but there are important calls to make. On the contrary people are using it in a daily routine, eventually causing a lot of battery drainage.

Try these tips and you can have your battery run for the maximum hour possible, it won’t only improve your smartphone’s functioning, but will also be of help in emergency situations. Not to forget even the internet connection gets weak when your phone has low battery. Better keep a hold on how you are using your smartphone in order to avoid any trouble says the iPhone Canada store.