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Electronics and communication is a sort of field which falls under the category where possibilities are unlimited .In this ocean there is a huge variety of species which are fighting very hard for their preeminence. In this race there are some big giants like Apple ,Google, Samsung, HTC, ASUS, Motorola etc which have shown their presence very strongly.

Touch LCD Screen Digitizer Assembly for Asus Google Galaxy Nexus 7 Tablet — Black 2012 (1st Generation)


ASUS is one of those leading companies which are driven by commitment to quality and is bound to introduce innovative ideas. As per 2014 unit sales ASUS is ranked as the World’s Fifth largest PC Vendor. It also managed to get a position in Asia’s top ten IT Companies.

Among all other recent products of ASUS the Nexus Player has been liked by many. It is a digital media player co-developed by Google and Asus. It is second installment of Google Nexus series. The Nexus Player boasts of being the first device to have Android TV Platform. This Combo lets the consumers to use an HD TV set to watch online videos, play music and enjoy video games. Android TV can be easily paired with Bluetooth gaming controllers to interact with the system.

Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet Digitizer Touch Screen


Apart from other achievements ASUS tops as IT Hardware company also.

Most of the asus tablet parts are up to the mark and gives no complaint.

For over 10 consecutive years It has been the world’s leading motherboard brand. ASUS motherboards are tested comprehensively for utmost reliability and safety. Its trials include all factors like temperature and humidity, burn-in, power cycling and consumption and thermal shock testing etc. Not only its motherboards but other asus replacement parts are also genuine and reliable.

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