Top 4 android apps to back up your data

Life gets so easy when you have an operating system like android. Health, lifestyle, news, management, there are various apps that can help you manage things in a better way. However, one issue that most of the android users face is the data backup. So, if you are facing one such issue, this write-up is going to guide you for sure. Picking out the best apps among many, here you have a thoroughly compiled list for the same:

Ultimate Backup

The first one on the list is a Titanium Backup app which has all the tools for the user to backup their data. However, these backup apps are pretty much for the root users only as the tools for the non-rooted users is a bit less. With this, you can backup applications with the app data. Even backup with cloud storage is available for this phone. In case, you are rooted, this is a great app to install and use.

Super Backup

Simple backup is another great app for the data backup. Available at $1.99, this app works best for backing up the contacts, SMS, bookmarks, calendars and a few other things. The users can smoothly define the location of the backup. However, there are few reports of a little error, but that is too small for this splendid app. The HTC parts Canada providers recommend it to the users very well.

My Backup

My backup is a great alternative to the Titanium app as it acted well for the backing up the apps, photos, music videos, call logs, SMS, and various other directories. Using the free version the backup can be done using an external SD card. However, with the professional version, you can backup to any of your Android devices via the account backup, cloud storage, and restore to the computer. It works for all the android based phones and is leveraged by HTC phone repair technicians too.


Helium is one of those backup apps that root users can use without worrying at all. The premium version is available at the cost of $4.99 and you can sync apps between Android devices and back to restore from cloud storage like Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive. It has been around for quite some time now and HTC accessories Canada providers trust it for the backup process.

So, download any of the apps mentioned above and you can start the backup process with complete ease.