Application of Tattoo Stickers

Tattoo stickers have become more and more popular in Asia in recent years. Tattoo stickers are very easy to use, just choose the location of the stick in the body and apply some water. Then the tattoo stickers will be close to the skin in a few seconds. If you don’t like it anymore, you can use oily skin care products (such as BB oil), or alcohol to swab. There wouldn’t be a trace.

As for the paste places for tattoo stickers, girls are recommended to stick on the lower back, chest, navel, ankle and clavicle, which will be very sexy. The most common places on tattoo stickers are on the hands, feet and other parts.

Boys are recommended to stick on the hands, legs, shoulders, chest, back, muscles, and other smooth area.

Generally speaking, tattoo stickers are water transfer printing labels. If the design is square with little highlights, you can stick the tattoo stickers in this way. First, clean the part of body that you are going to stick tattoo stickers. And then wet the paper pasted on the back (called the bottom paper) of the tattoo stickers with water or put the tattoo stickers into the water. When you see the color of the bottom paper get darker, that is, when water permeability you can poste the custom tattoo stickers. When posting, put the patterned side of the tattoo stickers directly on the skin, and scratch the tattoo stickers with nails gently on the back. And finally tear off the bottom paper with the hand down the skin to let it slide down from the pattern. Later press the tattoo stickers with a towel, one is to go off water, second is to remove air bubbles. And it’s done. Of course, if the tattoo stickers are designed with many highlights, you will need to rip up the bottom paper slowly to see whether the pattern id off or not. Then put the tattoo stickers down and then press.