Letters to Secretary Clinton … Please tone it down … #1

Dear Madame Secretary,

This is the first of a series of short notes that I will write from time to time that will offer my unsolicited advice as to how you can improve your chances of beating Mr. Trump in November.

I am not one of your fans, nevertheless I will probably vote for you in November. I think our country would be much better off if you win; but I am not one of the progressive snobs who have convinced themselves that were Mr. Trump to win, our nation and the world would suffer the greatest possible catastrophe imaginable, other than thermonuclear war.

Way back in December 2015, I didn’t think Mr. Trump had a chance of winning his party’s nomination, and I was wrong … along with the vast majority of professional political experts. But as the months wore on, as he disposed of his 16 GOP adversaries one by one with impressive ease, I became concerned; but his remaining adversaries didn’t. Instead of ganging up on him, they continued to stand aside and watched him knock them down one by one like a sniper. So he won the nomination. Now I am concerned that he will knock you down too.

I am a skeptic. I question whichever political party is in power, especially when they describe situations as being extremely good or extremely bad. Mr. Trump declares that America is slithering on its belly beneath the darkest, bleakest midnight that will lead to a sunless dawn if you are elected. Nonsense. You say that America is still “great”, but will become an unimaginably horrid place if Mr Trump is elected. More nonsense. You are both fear mongers.

Contrary to what you both say, this is not the most “important” election of our lifetime. I respectfully suggest that the 1968 election has a much stronger claim to that dubious honor. You were a “Goldwater Girl” in the 1964 election, which means you were politically aware of the truly horrible things that happened four years later.

Let’s begin with police riots at the convention of the Democratic Party, move on to the assassinations of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy, and end with the election of the the man who many Democrats regarded as the Prince of Darkness. He did indeed engage in some despicable activities as president that culminated with Watergate and his resignation … but America survived.

You quoted President Roosevelt as saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” … yet you are making your supporters more fearful every time you say that Mr. Trump will press nuclear buttons if he receives a nasty tweet. Worse still, you are making them fearful of the millions of other Americans who voted for him. If he is a demon, his millions of supporters must also be demons … and they are everywhere. So what happens if he wins? Your younger supporters were unborn or too young to remember 1968, so they don’t know how strong America really is. Please tone down your rhetoric.

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