After eight years in hiding

Writing doesn’t come easy to me.

I guess I have mastered the art of business writing and corporate-speak — yes, even doublespeak. Churning out impersonal emails, memos and reports requires no effort on my part.

Beyond this however, I often struggle to verbalise my thoughts. Well, trolling on the comments sections of blogs (done anonymously) doesn’t count. And neither should my occasional rants about politics.

I never really write nowadays. I used to, and looking back at some of these now, I have good reason to doubt my talent in this department. Maybe that writing being bad is a function of my immaturity. To illustrate: the words “cringe” and “suck” immediately come to mind when penning the earlier sentences in this paragraph, but of course I had to reject these, one for being too trite, and the other too crass.

Still, I think that writing can be mastered, a skill to be sharpened, a habit that ought to be cultivated. This is my attempt at it.