Carrot Orarge & Pumpkin Groudnut

Sometime the simplest ingredients, creates the most wonderful memories.

Sometime the usual road become memorable. Sometime three to four minutes of conversation with a stranger can makes an immense impression. Is not it? Last evening as I was passing through the corner diamond jewellery shop, I met an interesting lady, who was selling cup cakes in the evening. She was mystery & the heart of intrigue. She influenced me & throws her magic upon me like a magician.

Next time whenever I will pass by that shop, I will definitely stumble a bit. She was great in mind, great in heart & great in deed.

Well here it begins, last evening, I was passing through that corner diamond jewellery shop, she came to me with her thousand smiles for selling her cup cakes named

Carrot Orarge & Pumpkin Groudnut

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