I know it’s difficult for you to understand because you go so little out of your way to view things…
Cal Smith

Cal, as part of your argument, you seem to feel the need to deliver a put-down right from the get go. Not a great way to start. Where is your evidence that, “it’s difficult for you to understand because you go so little out of your way to view things from a different perspective”. Basing your arguments on evidence will help you be more convincing.

I was raised in a household that had guns and I now live in a country where guns were pretty widespread until a generation ago. In recent years, most societies have realized that more guns means more deaths. These societies are also unencumbered by a version of the Second Amendment and so can pass sensible laws restricting gun access and ownership. As a result, violent crime is far lower in other first-world countries.

That’s my evidence. Here’s some more: many supporters of more guns try and use false or misleading statistics but murder rates are the best way to measure violent crime. This is because murder is almost always reported. Just look at two cities of similar population sizes, Toronto and Chicago and compare the murder rates. In 2015, Toronto had 55 murders while Chicago had 468. The difference, Chicago is awash in guns while Toronto is not. Canada has strict gun laws.

Again, the argument put forward by gun advocates is, “But Chicago has strict gun laws”. Unfortunately, jurisdictions surrounding Chicago don’t and therefore guns are freely available, hence the huge murder rate.

More guns means more murders.