The Confession of a Political Junkie
Dave Pell

From the vantage point of Canada, Donald Trump is providing us with a few laughs. Sadly, he and Bernie Sanders are the only ones recognizing the corrupt mess that politics has become in the U.S. If Donald Trump can end the corporate hegemony that has infected political discourse, his presidency will have been an unmitigated success. If he does get elected he’ll likely tone down the other nonsense.

What about Hillary? From up here she looks like the best Republican candidate to have come along in a while. She won’t touch health care, she’s a dedicated free-trade capitalist with a bit of war hawk thrown in for good measure; what’s not to like? As Obama continued the Bush legacy, Mrs Clinton will grab the baton and run with it.

BTW, up in Canada we would probably choose Bernie. He’s your only hope to bring sanity back to politics but sadly, Hillary has managed to bamboozle minority voters into thinking she’s for them.