A Visit to Cuba During Trumpian Times
Josh Karliner

I have been to Cuba many times and while American citizens lack the basic freedom to visit, those of us in the rest of the world can go there and invest. Cuba, despite the petty and self-serving American blockade is thriving in comparison to many of its Caribbean neighbours. In fact, the blockade has illustrated what a society can achieve without the suffocating hegemony of multi-national corporations.

Castro was right to throw out the corrupt Batista regime and the American mafia that infested the island. Yes, dissent is quashed. On the other hand, Cuba refrains from interfering in other countries’ politics. Unlike its large neighbour to the north, it neither bombs sovereign nations nor interferes with others’ election processes. It doesn’t tie foreign aid to the purchase of goods and it trains doctors from all over the world.

The vast majority of Cubans live a life of dignity and happiness, unlike millions of disenfranchised American poor. By reinstating the embargo, Donald Trump may be doing Cuba a giant favour.