Question:What can you achieve in the first 100 days as president to stop super PACs and special…

Private companies and corporations have almost limitless funds for lobbying purposes and that includes buying politicians’ complicity when voting through campaign donations. It’s a worthwhile investment for corporate America and has been successful in creating many more Republican members of Congress than there might have been and yes, the odd President or two. Presidents appoint Supreme Court justices and the imbalance created via that route has resulted in astonishing pronouncements such as those on the Second Amendment and the hilarious ‘corporations are people’ verdict. Let’s not even get into gerrymandering and the endless rotation of senior government officials between government and large corporations.

Unfortunately Hillary, once elected will continue to ‘dance with the ones that brung her’ and the cycle will continue. And all the while, Americans smugly point to third-world countries with corruption problems and tut tut while powerless to affect rampant and pervasive corruption at home.