Skillful dismantling? Perhaps I’ve imagined these sorts of reports:
John F. Nixon

‘Surgical wait times outside those procedures prioritized by federal incentive programs have generally increased.’ Unfortunately this statistic has no reference point from which to judge whether or not the increase is significant.

What I do know is that Canadians consistently speak highly of the health care system. There may be gripes about wait times in certain parts of Canada (we are a huge country with a small population) but the vast majority would never switch with the U.S.

For every example of long wait times, I could show you a dozen where health care has proven to be unaffordable, unavailable (not on that particular insurance plan), or bankrupted a family.

What appeals to me is the universal health care coverage for all Canadians and the equal treatment for those unfortunate enough to have ‘pre-existing conditions’. When Canadians leave a hospital, the only bill they’ll be required to pay may be one for a TV rental. They don’t have to re-mortgage their home.