The Teacher Whom You Always Knew

Teacher’s day is when you might see most school kids purchasing a red rose to impress their teachers and be in their good books. Wait a minute, aren’t teachers worth more than just a day’s celebration on September 5th? Yes, teachers are usually underrated for their sacrifices and commitment towards their job.

You might have come across the popular Indian phrase — Matha Pitha Guru Deivam, which puts forth parents and teachers above in hierarchy of reverence. It’s a given that parents to be the first teacher that almost every one of you might have ever had, sometimes we take our teachers for granted. It’s time to think about those teachers who would go the extra mile for your betterment.

It’s wonderful to see what education can do to a person’s lifestyle, it’s even more wonderful to see how an educator or teacher can change a person’s life. One teacher’s sacrifice of lunch period is what transformed a school dropout to a well-reputed businessman.

You might have your favorite teacher who would have had a great impact on your life, take this moment to thanks them. Give a call to that teacher or preferably meet them and express your gratitude.

Future of teaching is at stake

There are few takers for teaching than ever before, most people wish to go for a high paying job while they forget about the happiness that teaching provides. You might not be able to get your dream car or dream home, however, the joy which teacher get by seeing their students go up the ladder in life is something the others are missing out on.

You might come across a situation when you would be tired of doing what you’re doing, I suggest you to try teaching someone that you know. There’s no alternative to that happiness you get when you share your knowledge with others.

“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world”
-Malala Yousafzai

Can you be that one teacher who will go the extra mile to change the lives of children, the future of mankind? Yes, have no second thoughts for the future of this world belongs to the teachers who mold the lives of others. A bad teacher can make a student’s life as a trash, while a good one would make it as a treasure. It’s in your hands to be the teacher who can make a student’s better or bitter.

Happy teacher’s day to all those who molded my life by staying by side and abandoning me when it was most need!