Third Threesome Is a Charm!

Well, it has been a very interesting year. I went from never having been in a three some to having been in threesomes with three different couples. I have learned some interesting things about love, jealousy, and permissions that I had only read about. In some ways I have been very fortunate.

I will gladly write more extensively later. I am involved with a couple that is a friends with benefits relationship only. So her husband says. It seems she and I are in a bit more loving relationship. Though we state that we are…

Well, that was easy. I just went to my profile and changed my name. I now have a pseudonym just like that. It just didn’t occur to me that I could go to my profile and simply change the name listed there. It seems as though I might be getting away with something. Whenever I would write something creative in the past I would sign it R. Martin.

Is it possible, for someone that is not an administrator to find out who I really am?

I have been a member since 05/17. I changed phones and carriers about 2 weeks ago. I downloaded the app on my new phone. The Medium does not seem to rwalize that I am the same person. It is demanding that I start a membership. How do I resolve this? I went the the android help system and it is worse than Comcast.

Well, I have half a dozen followers that have liked my comments, so I may as well write a little something and see what happens.

I am 55, a white male, mostly hetero sexual, retired from the Florida Department of Corrections, mostly liberal, was a Marine and Soldier during peace time thankfully, and obviously a slow learner. I am now taking calls at a call center for Comcast Cable, mostly nice guy. I am fond of saying that I am a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there. I was once defined as a Baptist, not in good standing.

Been married once, almost twice, but I have horrible timing.

I have considered writing a story about Heaven not being much like it is purported to be like in the book of Revelations.

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